Registration & Payment
– All full term payment is to be made before the start of the class.
– All payment made is strictly non-refundable once registration is confirmed. Fees are not transferrable to any third parties.
– Member’s rate is applicable for valid SIA Group Sports Club membership.
– Please update the Club of any changes in contact details so as to facilitate communication.
– All participants must be physically fit and are advised to consult a doctor for approval before registering
for the course.

Refund of Fees
– Medical certificate / supporting documents to be submitted to the Swim Teacher for the Club to process the refund.

Weather Conditions
– In the event of bad weather – thunder / lightning / heavy rain, the Swim Teacher will conduct land drills / exercises in the sheltered area. In this instance where the Club does not allow the conduct of swim classes, there will be no replacement lesson / refund of fee.
– The exception is made for the Preparatory classes that are cancelled due to bad weather, a make-up lesson is to be arranged and attended within the next 4 weeks. The make-up lesson is to be completed by the end of current term. A maximum of 2 make-up lessons is allowed per term.

Public Holidays & 5th week of month
– There will not be any lesson if one should fall on a Public Holiday, with no make-up lesson or refund.
– There is no lesson on the 5th week of the month. Lessons run for 4 weeks per month of 2 months per term.